Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Contest & Website Changes

Contest will end on November 15 2008 the will be no more new entries due to contest change and site changes will be upgrading to give members more money for uploading videos, new videos after the 15th of November the videos will not count, goes for all contest free, silver and gold. Sorry for the incoveince it has caused, contest will be updated on Jan 1 2009. If you have any contest or input on how to make this site more enjoyable to upload videos to get paid please contact
Thank You

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Free Account Update. Top 5
1.Egm1947 (107 uploaded videos)
2.CocknPlay (62 uploaded Videos)
3.Arouk (38 uploaded videos)
4.Gangbanglover (23 uploaded videos)
5. Freakaleakproductions (8 uploaded videos)

Contest ends soon make sure to upload your videos before contest ends.
Good Luck WorldSexVideo

Saturday, September 20, 2008


For the Free Account Top 3 Spots
Arouk (26 videos)Egm1947 (9 videos)Zicarlos and Sonysurya (2 videos each)
There is plenty of time to upload videos and claim that $50 dollars also join the new contest section Where you get paid real money just for uploading videos. Free account finishes on 11/15/2008 there is plenty of time to catch up. REMEMBER ALL VIDEOS MUST BE ATLEAST 1 MINUTE LONG.
Questions: info@worldsexvideo
Thank You & Good Luck

Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Account Winner

This Free Quarterly winner is ( Arouk ) please email me as soon as possible ( within 10 days ) or you will be forfitted and surrender your winning to the second place.


Thank You

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Current Contest Stats updated on 6/15/2008

Free Account
1st Place: ironmule1 @ 26 videos
arouk 20, egm1947 13, sexyboyyz @ 5, and 2 members @ 1 (**There is only 1 winner in free account read rules**)

1st Place: anna @ 2 Videos @ 4.12 mins

kan-d-gurl @ 9 videos @ 108.96 mins
taforal @ 0 videos
ramboking_2008 @ 0 videos

1st place: 3rddegree76 @ 67 Videos @ 285.76 min

Stats will update Daily starting 06/13/2008 on blog only
FREE, Silver, Gold Will Expire 5/16/2008 still time too make money
Platinum will expire 2/1/2009

Please read contest rules.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Free Account - Upload contest- Tvnuts and Anna 1 upload each

Silver Account - 0

Gold Account -0-

Platinum Account - 3rddegree76 with 64 uploaded videos